A K-9 Demo, A Haunted Barn & More Marble Magnets

Talk about a busy Memorial Day weekend! It was great and the weather was perfect. I helped Greg with a military and working K-9 demo on Sunday at the Ogden Historical Society & Museum and also got a chance to see this awesome property filled to the brim with old primitives and antiques from our area, along with a few cool ghost stories.

Here are a few pics of Greg and his helpers in action!

The house and barn were built in 1811 and have a rich history. The museum is still in the process of sorting out some of the antiques that have been stashed in this barn, along with many donated historical items from people in town.

The barn is supposedly haunted by an old man, who is very cranky and “dislikes women.” I was told that he has been heard on EVP’s calling out “bitch” and other profanities. He has also been known to throw walnuts at people in the barn. I egged him on and dared him to throw a walnut at me, but he did not oblige.

There were many great antique medical devices, which I find fascinating.

The museum conducts 2 paranormal investigations each year, with mush success seeing and hearing these entities. There is a small girl attached to an old sleigh in the downstairs portion of the barn, and also a few spirits inside the house. They are often seen peeking out the upstairs windows. I am going to attend the next investigation for sure, and will keep you posted on any activity!

Okay, and now on to the crafty portion of the post! More marble magnets! These are a bit different from previous marble magnets I have made. These are 1″ in size and also I used some pre-designed holiday graphics that I purchased off of Etsy. I love to support other artists. For $2 and $3 per page (each page containing multiple images), I will have these images forever, to use however I want. It’s a lot less work for me having to find and resize images in Photoshop.

Here are the basic tools for today’s project, some of which you’ve seen before. I got the 1″ cabochons here and the clear silicone at Lowe’s. I also got a 1″ hole punch from Michael’s. You could easily cut them out by hand, but I like to have little tools like this for use in many different projects!

Since my craft show is in early November, I decided to do some Thanksgiving themed magnets as well as the usually Christmas ones. Magnets sell like little hot cakes so I wanted to make a bunch! The art I used was purchased from:



Punched them all first…

And then started with the silicone. I put a pea-sized dab in the middle of the image (using a tooth pick or some other small tool)…

And then smushed it down, with even pressure. It’s oh so satisfying to watch the silicone even out and magnify the image!

Your work space will then start to look like this…

After drying for about 2 hours I glued on small magnets. I didn’t use a barrier; glued em’ right onto the back of the paper image. The silicone is pretty strong and they will not budge. Here are a few of the finished products!

I love how they came out and am definitely going to make a bunch more, for both my booth at The Carriage Place and also for my craft show. They would make great gifts and fun stocking stuffers!

Hope everyone has a great week! Happy crafting! 🙂

21 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Eva Halloween
    May 30, 2012 @ 09:53:39

    Oooo, those antique medical devices look beyond creepy! 😉


  2. Lori
    May 30, 2012 @ 10:50:47

    Hi, I just found your site thru Country Lane Folk Art. I’m originally from upstate NY and saw that you live in Brockport. My sister went to college there and actually my brother was the last class that graduated from the police academy when it was there years ago. Love your magnets, they look pretty cool and easy to do… thanks for sharing! That barn looks pretty creepy but I would love to be there during the investigation too, what fun! Stop by and visit sometime 🙂


  3. StephTheBookworm
    May 30, 2012 @ 12:39:35

    Oh man, I LOVE those cupcake magnets! I love cupcakes. I have two hanging in my car… fake ones. I’ll send some money in with my dad to get me a package. 🙂


    • Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night
      May 30, 2012 @ 12:43:00

      Hey Steph! They actually isn’t a cupcake package, I think they are supposed to be muffins or something with the fall themed ones! Cupcakes are a GREAT idea though, because I know how popular they are. I’m going to look into that…I love em tooooo! 🙂


  4. Sharon
    May 30, 2012 @ 13:34:21

    Fantastic! Are these the 25mm ones?


  5. Cindi Poulson
    May 30, 2012 @ 15:43:14

    Love this idea! I can’t wait to show my granddaughter this new project! Thank you! FYI I love the neat, old medical stuff!


  6. Barbara Briggs Ward
    May 30, 2012 @ 21:07:34

    I can see those magnets on my refrigerator-along with your Snowmen! Love all that old medical stuff except the dentist chair gives me the creeps. Bet it too is haunted!


  7. Liz M.
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 15:07:21

    I think that museum would be a very neat place to visit at night! Talk about spooky! (Thanks for yet another awesome crafting idea!)


  8. Mardell
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 12:33:26

    Hi Maggie! First of all, I really admire what your hubby does!!!! That’s alot of dedicated work. The dogs are awesome!

    Love the old barn with the creepy medical stuff. I worked in a nursing home in Batavia back in the early 80’s. They had a ton of old wheelchairs etc. in the basement. (Where I did the laundry!)

    The magnets are super cool. I would have never thought to use the silicone! How clever. 🙂 Thanks for the awesome tute!


  9. Lee Anne
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 14:18:37

    If you don’t mind me asking – how much do you charge for your magnets? I would love to make some for my booth this fall and would love to know what you can get for them. Thanks!! Lee Anne


    • Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night
      Jun 21, 2012 @ 14:32:07

      Hi Lee Anne, I actually haven’t sold any of those magnets yet but I was thinking of selling them for $.75 a piece, or a set of 4 for $2.50. I figured out that they cost me about $.25 a piece to make so the profit margin is pretty good, per magnet. I wouldn’t mind getting your opinion too, as a fellow crafter – do you think that sounds reasonable?? If they fly off the shelf for that price then I might consider up-ing a little…you know, trial and error! Thanks, Maggie


      • Lee Anne
        Jun 21, 2012 @ 15:30:52

        Yikes! I was thinking maybe $3.00 or $4.00! I may have to try some and see how they go. Thanks again for your help! Lee Anne

      • Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night
        Jun 21, 2012 @ 15:41:04

        Wow, that would be awesome but I know it won’t fly at my craft show. I am sure location / crowd / etc. will influence pricing. I tend to price things on the cheap side but maybe that’s TOO cheap…I don’t know! Like I said, it’ll be trial and error but maybe I will go with $1 a piece. They are pretty small. Let me know how they sell for you!

  10. Becky
    Oct 08, 2012 @ 13:37:51

    I love your site and all the things you do! I have crafted for like 35 years and love it. It keeps me sane. I have tried to find the half marbles for the magnets several times and several places and can’t find them. Where do you get yours, if you don’t mind me asking?


    • Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night
      Oct 08, 2012 @ 14:44:11

      Thank you Becky! I agree – it helps keep me sane as well! Even though I have craft supplies hanging from the ceiling and my craft area is a MESS, it still “calms” me to be there, working on my many projects! I get my half marbles at and buy them in bulk. I do sell the small ones in my Etsy store if you are interested in buying a smaller amount. They are an addicting craft…I have made tons of them for my upcoming craft show. Everyone seems to love them! Thanks again! ~maggie 🙂


  11. Leann
    Jun 20, 2014 @ 13:14:14

    Hi there! I have a question for you about the magnets. I have been attempting to make them, and I tend to get a lot of air bubbles that are pretty visable when you look at the magnet. I try to squeeze them out, but it doesn’t always work and usually makes a mess. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Your’s look SO nice and clean, just wondered how to get that look! I get it maybe one out of every five. Help! 😉


    • Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night
      Jul 04, 2014 @ 08:47:46

      Hi Leann! Hmmmmmmm…I have never had any issues with bubbles so I wonder if it’s the type of silicone or adhesive you’re using? I use the brand DAP clear silicone that comes in a little toothpaste-type tube found at Lowes. I have used other materials like Mod Podge or regular white glue and have had crappy results (not bubbles but an uneven look), so that’s the only thing I can think of. I hope that helps…let me know! 🙂 P.S. Sorry for the delay…I have been outta town for the last week. Happy 4th!


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